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  • I would like an initial consultation. Is this available?
    Michelle offers a free 30-minute consultation via Zoom. This offers the opportunity to talk through your struggles and for Michelle to discuss her way of working and to determine if she can help you. There is no obligation to accept therapy and if Michelle feels she is unable to offer you therapy, she will offer advice and possible referral to other therapists.
  • Will I receive an assessment?
    The first session will be 90 minutes, and this allows for Michelle to develop a formulation. A formulation (sometimes called a case conceptualisation) is a road map of your experiences, what maintains your struggles, your unhelpful behaviours (sometimes called safety behaviours) that perpetuate your struggles and the impact of these on your daily life. It also highlights your relationships with self and others and how you would like to change. Your goals are also outlined. A formulation helps therapists and clients come to a shared understanding of their struggles and is a collaborative exercise. Michelle may ask you to complete some questionnaires if she feels it will help the process. Michelle engages in a number of different formulation models relevant to your struggles. Her preferred formulation is underpinned by compassion focused therapy which is designed to help clients to understand how their personal history has sensitized their threat system, to elaborate safety strategies used to manage these fears, and to explore unintended consequences of these strategies. A crucial final step is to explore the impact these unintended consequences have upon self-to-self relationships.
  • Can I drop out of therapy if I feel it isn’t working for me?
    You can leave the therapy anytime as long as you provide 24 hours notice prior to a scheduled session. If you don’t feel the therapy is working for you, you can discuss this with Michelle and alternative approaches can be offered to help you reach your goals. Michelle is committed to your recovery and living the best version of yourself.
  • Can I engage in both online and face to face if required?
    Yes, you can either visit Michelle in person or online via Zoom. Some clients prefer a hybrid way of engaging depending on their circumstances.
  • I am unable to afford the fee. Am I able to engage in therapy at a reduced rate?
    Michelle has a number of spaces for sliding scale fees depending on a client’s circumstances.
  • We are looking for couple’s therapy. Is this available?
    Michelle has 2 spaces for couple’s therapy at a given time. The average length of therapy varies between 6-20 sessions.
  • I would like therapy for my adolescent son/daughter. Is this available?
    Michelle doesn’t work with children or young people under 18 years
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